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Brief Introduction


Shandong Polytechnic, originating from Jinan Railway  Mechanical School in 1951, once had been upgraded as Jinan Railway College and Jinan Railway Vocational and Technical College. In 2010, the college changed its name as Shandong Polytechnic. As one of the The 100 National Key Higher Vocational Colleges”, Shandong Polytechnic is not only as the only one higher vocational college under the direct administration of Shandong Provincial Education Department, but also as the only one with railway industrial background in Shandong province. In September of 2017, Shandong Polytechnic was successfully granted as one of the first batch of “the Project Construction Units of High-quality Vocational Colleges” in Shandong province.

The college currently consists of 9 departments such as the Department of Urban Rail Transit, the Department of Rail Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Railway Locomotive and Mechatronics, the Department of Railway Power Supply and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Railway Signaling and Information Engineering, the Department of Railway Engineering and Civil Engineering, the Department of Railway Transportation and Financial Management, the Department of Biological Engineering and the Department of Basic Courses.

Over the past 60 years since its foundation, especially in the past ten years of higher vocational education developing, closely relying on the railway industrial background, Shandong Polytechnic has positioned its role scientifically in running- school and forged the brand of Vocational education and cultivated a large number of skilled talents with an excellent virtue and made positive contributions to railway modernization and local economic and social development.In recent years, by the virtue of the construction of National key Vocational College, holding the innovation  of running-school system and mechanism, our college takes a leading role to establish “Shandong Rail Transit Vocational Education Corporation” and built a 4-parties platform with the feature of “government-leading and school-based and industries-guiding and enterprises-participating" , and gradually form the specialty characteristics as “balanced between local and railway, engineering as priority, expertise in Mechanics and Electricity’’, and form the "three-line" talent-cultivating characteristics as vocational capability and innovative spirit and humanistic quality education, and achieve a high-quality employment with the characteristics of case-guidance, graduation survey of 8215.

Shandong Polytechnic, functioning as "locomotive", plays the leading role of "high-speed train" in Vocational Education reform and come out in front of Higher Vocational Colleges in the province in such fields as teaching reform, specialty construction, enrollment and employment, school-enterprise cooperation and social services. The College has won honorary titles such as "Advanced Educational Units in Shandong Province", "Advanced Units of Vocational Education in Shandong Province", "Advanced Units of Employment of Graduates in Shandong Province". It has won more than 180 awards in national and provincial competitions. The mainstream media, such as CCTV, China Education Daily and People's Network, have constantly publicized and reported the achievements of the college.